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Dragon Ball FighterZ Tournaments Rules and Regulations


Article 1. General Information


The Competition "Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship" (hereinafter the "Competition") is organized by the company Gozulting with a capital of XXX €, whose head office is located at 24 rue du Soleillet, 75019 Paris, registered in the RCS of XX under the number XXX (hereinafter "THE ORGANIZER"), on behalf of the company BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT(hereinafter "BANDAI").



Article 2. Acceptance of the Rules

When you participate in the Competition, you agree, without reservation, to all of the following requirements of the regulations (hereinafter, the "Rules").



Article 3. Amendment of the Rules

The Organizer reserves the right to modify these Rules and Regulations at any time and to inform the participants by email of such modifications.


The Rules and Regulations apply to any participant who participates in the Competition.


The Organizer or BANDAI reserves the right to interrupt, extend, shorten, modify or cancel the Competition, at any time, by rights, without notice neither obligation to justify its decision. In this case, the liability of the Organizer neither BANDAI cannot be held in any manner whatsoever and the participant cannot claim any compensation whatsoever.


Additions and amendments can then be published for the duration of the Competition and the participant cannot claim any compensation as such.


In case of modification of the dates, new dates and new corresponding prizes will be mentioned on the following website:


Any modification of these Rules and Regulations will come into force from their online publication and any participant will be deemed to have accepted them due to their participation in the Competition from the date of the entry into force of the modification. Any participant refusing the change(s) will have to stop participating in the Competition.


Article 4. Concept and Description of the Competition



4.1 Common Rules

The rules set out in this section apply to all matches in the Competition. In the event of any inconsistency between the provisions outlined in the Common Rules and those outlined for one of the Tournament in the Competition, those of the Tournament shall prevail.


4.1.1. Minor Participants

Any minor under the age of 16 years old participating in a Tournament of the Competition must submit a duly completed parental authorization signed by a legal guardian, as well as a copy of an official identity document of both the legal guardian and the minor (it must be legible and include the surname, first names, date and place of birth, picture and signature of the holder, as well as the dates of issue and validity of the document, issuing authority).


The parental authorization can be downloaded from the website (include website) at the following link:

(include link)

Parental consent must be returned by email at (include email)


The Organizer has the right to carry out any verification, as well as to disqualify any minor participant who doesn't submit the parental consent within the time limit, resulting in the cancellation of his/her performance and any prizes won.


4.1.2. Competition Administrators

The Organizer appoints several administrators in charge of the Competition (hereinafter, the "Administrators"). The Administrators and the Organizer have the sole authority to take any action necessary for the proper conduct of the Competition, including the arbitration of matches, the imposition of disciplinary sanctions against participants who have violated the Code of Conduct or who have engaged in harmful behavior towards other participants, the Organizer or third parties in general.


No match may be started without the prior agreement of the referee.


4.1.3. Match Format

All matches in the Competition will be played according to the following playing format


Duration of a Match: 300 seconds

Choice of the Stage: random

Game : Dragon Ball FighterZ


Character Selection

Before the start of the match, each participant chooses a team composed of 3 characters from the match.


Before the first round, each participant chooses one character from the team of three they selected to play the round. For the following rounds, the participant who lost the previous round may choose to change characters.




Bugs and Glitches

Participants are not allowed to exploit known bugs and/or glitches. If an Administrator determines that a participant used a bug or glitch that resulted in an unfair advantage, the Administrator may decide either to return to the game state before the use of the glitch or impose a disciplinary sanction against the participant if such use is voluntary. The Administrator is the sole authority to determine the voluntary nature of the use of glitch.




4.1.4. Equipment

Participants will have to check the correct functioning and configuration of their buttons before the start of an official match.


4.1.5. Pauses and Disconnections

Any disconnections initiated by a participant will result in the loss of the current round, except if the disconnection is due to a problem with the game.

In this situation the match will have to be replayed.

Only the Administrator has the authority to determine whether the pause has been caused by a game related problem.



4.2 Online Competitions

The rules outlined in this section apply to the "Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championship" tournaments.


4.2.1. Eligibility Requirements for Online Competition.

In order to participate in the Online Qualifiers, the participant must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Accepted countries:

-      France

-      Spain

-      Japan

-      United States of America


Minimum age: 13 years old. Underage participants must send a parental authorization to (to be completed)

●    Gaming platform : Playstation 4 (PSN subscription required) or PC

●    Internet connection required

●    Have a wired connection with an ethernet cable.

●    Players must have a download speed greater than 3 Mbps.

●    Players must have a ping below 40 ms when connected to a common server chosen by the players.

●    Own the Dragon Ball FighterZ video game

●    Have a Discord account and to be connected to the (to be completed) server.


The speedtest should be sent to an admin on the Dragon Fighterz National Championship discord channel or by email.


The Competition is free of charge.


Employees, affiliates or partners of the Organizer or BANDAI, of their subsidiaries, their subcontractors or their officers, and the members of their family or the persons with whom they are domiciled, and generally anyone who helped in the organization of the Competition, are ineligible to participate in the Competition.


If an individual who does not meet these aforementioned criteria becomes a winner, such participation will be void and the participant will be deemed ineligible.


4.2.2. Selection of participants

Participation in the online qualifications is exclusively reserved for the 40 participants selected from 5 championships of 8 players each.

The selection will be made on the basis of a dossier by the Co-organisers on the basis of their performance on the Dragon Ball FighterZ video game over the last two years and who meet the following eligibility requirements:

Place of residence:

·        Championship 1: France

·        Championship 2: Spain

·        Championship 3: Japan

·        Championship 4: USA

·        Championship 5: USA

Minimum age: 16 years old

The Co-organisers will contact the selected participants to ask them to confirm their wish to participate in the Competition.


4.2.3. Online Tournament Schedule

The exact dates for the Championship for each country are listed below:


Week 1: 17/10/20

Week 2: 24/10/20

Week 3: 31/10/20

Week 4: 07/11/20

Week 5: 14/11/20

Week 6: 21/11/20

Week 7: 28/11/20



Week 1: 16/10/20

Week 2: 23/10/20

Week 3: 30/10/20

Week 4: 06/11/20

Week 5: 13/11/20

Week 6: 20/11/20

Week 7: 27/11/20



Week 1: 18/10/20

Week 2: 25/10/20

Week 3: 01/11/20

Week 4: 08/11/20

Week 5: 15/11/20

Week 6: 22/11/20

Week 7: 29/11/20



USA Groupe 1:

Week 1: 17/10/20

Week 2: 24/10/20

Week 3: 31/10/20

Week 4: 06/11/20

Week 5: 14/11/20

Week 6: 20/11/20

Week 7: 27/11/20


USA Groupe 2

Week 1: 18/10/20

Week 2: 25/10/20

Week 3: 01/11/20

Week 4: 08/11/20

Week 5: 15/11/20

Week 6: 22/11/20

Week 7: 29/11/20


4.2.4. Online Tournament Format


The 40 participants of the qualification, selected by the Co-Organisers, are divided into 5 groups of 8 players per country according to the following rules:


The group phase is played in the "round-robin" group format, i.e. each participant plays successively against all the other participants in his/her group.


The matches are played in 1-on-1, in the "best-of-nine" format, i.e. the best of 9 sets.


During the group phase, a win gives 3 points and a loss gives 0 points.



At the end of the group matches, a final ranking is established according to the victories and defeats of the participants. The following rules apply successively in the event of a tie between at least two participants:

1.   Highest number of points obtained

2.   Greater difference in sets won compared to sets lost against all players in the group

3.   More points obtained for matches played between tied players

4.   Greater difference in sets won vs. sets lost between tied players


Participants finishing between first and fourth place in each group qualify for the final phase of their country's Competition.

4.2.5 Disqualifications & Unavailability

If one of the participants for the final phase is disqualified or unavailable, he or she will be replaced by the person in his or her group who finished at the lower rank.

4.2.6 Fee participations

Each player selected by the organizer will receive a compensation of 500€.



4.2.7 Finals Format

The rules set out in this section apply only to the finals and prevail over any other stipulation to the contrary. Eligible Participants

Only the 4 qualified participants from each country during the qualification phases, i.e. :

- the top four in the French Championship ranking

- the top four in the Spanish Championship ranking

- the top four in the Japanese Championship ranking

- the top four in the US Championship Group 1 ranking

- the top four in the US Championship Group 2 ranking


are eligible to participate in the final phases of their countries

The list of the players per country will be indicated on the website: (website link) Dates and place of the finals

The finals will take place on the following dates:

1.   France: December

2.   Spain: December

3.   Japan: December

4.   USA Group 1: December

5.   USA Group 2: December Finals Tournament Format

The finals will be a direct elimination tournament


The finalist participants will be distributed as follows:


First Round:

4th in the ranking against 3rd in the ranking


Semi Final:

Winner of the "first round" against the 2nd of the ranking



Winner of the "Semi Final" against the 1st of the ranking. Fee participations

Each player eligible for the finals in their country will receive a compensation of 500€.



Determination of the winners.


The winners will be announced by the Organizer on Bandai Namco social network, the competition website and by email.


The winners will be personally notified by the Organizer within up to fifteen (15) days by email


In this Notification, the Organizer will request to the winners their postal address and their full name in order to send the Prizes.


The winners (each of them) shall reply to the Organizer within fifteen (15) calendar days following receipt of the Organizer’s Notification and shall provide their postal address and their full name in order to get their Prizes.


The winners will receive their Prizes by mail sent by the Organizer within one (1) month following the above-mentioned reply sent by the winners to the Organizer.


Sending costs are the sole responsibility of the Organizer.


If within thirty (30) calendar days (the date and time of sending the message as contained within the information system of the Organizer which sent the message authentic) after sending the Notification, the winners have not replied, then the Prizes will automatically become the property of the Organizer, no claim will be accepted.


Where necessary, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel the awarding of the Prizes won.


In the case the Prizes arrive defective, the winner may refuse to recover it. It will then be automatically returned to the Organizer, which will send to the winner a prize of equivalent value, while stocks last (sending costs to be borne by the Organizer).


Participants authorize the Organizer to use for promotional purposes or advertising relating to the Competition at which they have participated, their name/nickname/pseudo on any media and in worldwide, however this authorization cannot grant other rights than the one to receive the promised Prizes.



ARTICLE 5 Cheating and Code of Conduct


Participants agree to respect the rules of conduct as defined below:

The organizers encourage all participants to adopt a fair-play attitude and to behave in an honest and respectful manner towards other participants. By participating in the Competition, you must comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the country in which you reside but also respect additional rules of conduct that govern your participation in the Competition. The purpose of these rules of conduct is to establish a non-exhaustive list of prohibited behavior as well as dishonest practices, which may provide an unfair, unnatural and unpredictable advantage. The Organizers reserve the right to modify these rules of conduct at any time and to take any appropriate disciplinary action in the event of non-compliance with the code of conduct, whether or not the behavior is listed below. The following behaviors may result in a sanction:

·        Refuse to follow the instructions of the Tournament Administrator;Arriving late when called to the Tournament;

·        Choosing a username or disseminating content indicating a false affiliation to the Organizer and Bandai that is vulgar, obscene, offensive, illegal or infringing on the rights of a third party;

·        Harass, stalk, threaten, intimidate or engage in any harmful behavior towards other participants or the Tournament Administrator;

·        Communicate any content that could be considered offensive, including illegal, offensive, insulting, abusive, threatening, vulgar, obscene, sexual, racist, defamatory, whether based on race, political or religious opinions, sexual orientation and more generally any content that is unethical, unsportsmanlike, or reprehensible by law or applicable regulations;

·        Publish commercial advertising or promotional content or content that damages the reputation or image of the Organizers or Bandai;

·        Create several "PlayerTag" accounts;

·        Register for the Tournament via a third person account to play one or more matches on behalf of the account owner;

·        Create a false identity or impersonate a third person;

·        Publish other participants' personal information (such as their first name, last name, address, phone number, etc.) on a publicly accessible space, whether on social networks, on a website or any other medium, or on Discord ;

·        Using or knowingly exploiting a bug in the video game to gain an unfair advantage, whether or not it is defined in the Competition Rules and Regulations ;

·        Fraudulently accessing or remaining in all or part of the automated data processing systems;

·        Using third party cheating software that modifies the game's functionalities, rules, data or graphics rendering;

·        Falsify or interfere with the proper functioning of any automated data processing system, whether it be the video game or the Services;

·        Transmit or facilitate the transmission of computer viruses, corrupted data or any other method designed to hinder the operation of an automated data system;

·        Not notifying the Organizer of the existence of a bug or loophole that could give an unfair advantage during a match;

·        Publish any content that contains, links to, uses, or otherwise transmits or enables the transmission of any malware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, adware, spyware or other harmful code or programs for any purpose, including search hijacking or browser URL hijacking to drive traffic to any website, uses a “BotNet” or other automated or manual means of generating fraudulent traffic, clicks, impressions, or other actions on any website ;

·        Publish any content that promotes, facilitates, or enables the illegal downloading of videos, music, or other copyrighted material (e.g., P2P/BitTorrent/MP3 tracking and indexing apps, “linking” or “leeching” apps, ROMs, “warez”, emulators, hacks, “phreaks”, “cracks”, or ripping software for illegally circumventing DRM or other copy protection devices.

·        Failing to exert their best efforts to win a match;

·        Intentionally disconnecting or quitting during play, except as otherwise requested by the Organizer;

·        Betting or setting up an illegal betting system on the Competition;

·        Manipulating the ranking of a Tournament.

·        Violating the Game’s EULA.


The Organizer reserves the right to take any appropriate disciplinary action in the event of non-compliance with the rules of conduct, whether it concerns behavior listed above or behavior that disrupts or is likely to disrupt the proper conduct of the game.


You may report any behavior or harmful content to the Tournament Administrator by contacting the Tournament Administrator either through Discord or at the following address: [to be completed].


In case of violation of these terms and conditions or of the Rules and Regulations of the Competition in which you are participating, the Organizer reserves the right to impose sanctions according to the seriousness of the breach. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the sanctions that may be imposed by the Organizer. These sanctions depend on the good faith of the participant and the seriousness of the infraction:

·        Warning

·        Loss of a round

·        Loss of a match

·        Disqualification


Depending on the degree, seriousness and possible repetition of the established violation, the organizer may decide to apply additional sanctions such as banning the participant from this Competition and this Tournament, and from future tournaments orcompetitions, or the cancellation of prizes.


The organizer may also decide to impose additional sanctions specific to the parameters, specificities and rules of the video game used for the Tournament. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Organizer reserves the right to prosecute any participant, both civilly and criminally, depending on the nature and seriousness of the damages.


Disqualification for legitimate reasons, as stated above, will result in the full and complete cancellation of the player's performance in the Tournament and all prizes won by the participant. In case of disqualification, the rankings are updated by taking into account that the disqualified player has lost all of his/her matches. The Organizer may, at its sole discretion, ask players to replay matches to break any ties caused by the disqualification.




Article 6. Limitation of Liability


The participation in the Competition implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, especially regarding technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring information, risks of interruption and more generally inherent risks of any connection and transmission on the Internet, the lack of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation and the risks of contamination by possible viruses circulating on the network.


Accordingly, neither the Organizer nor BANDAI shall in no circumstances be held liable, without this list being restrictive:


-      For the content of services available on the website [to be completed] and on Discord;  

-      For the partial or permanent interruption of the services available on the website [to be completed] and on Discord ;

-      For the transmission and/or reception of any data and/or information on the Internet;

-      For any malfunctioning of the Internet network preventing the smooth running/functioning of the Competition ;

-      For the failure of any reception equipment or communication lines;

-      For the loss of any paper or electronic mail and, more generally, for the loss of any data;

-      For the malfunctioning of any software and/or video games ;

-      For the consequences of any virus, computer bog, anomaly or technical failure;

-      For any damage caused to the computer, console platforms, mobile device of a participant;

-      For any technical, hardware or software failure of any nature that has prevented or limited the opportunity to participate in the Competition or has corrupted the system of a participant.


It is the responsibility of each user to take all the necessary precautions to protect their data from potential attacks on their computer system.


It is clear that neither the Organizer nor BANDAI shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from an interruption, malfunction of any kind, suspension, modification or termination of the Competition, and this for any reason whatsoever. It belongs to the participant to take all appropriate measures to protect against any attack of its own data and/or software stored on its computing equipment. The participation of the participant at the Competition is done at its own risk.


The liability of the Organizer or BANDAI shall not incur, in general, in case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances beyond its control.


Participants recognize that they are fully responsible for their own behavior throughout the Competition and neither Bandai nor the Organizer shall be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from any misconduct by a participant. Participants are warned of the risks inherent to the intensive practice of video games and, as such, the Organizer and Bandai decline all responsibility in the event of direct or indirect observed damage resulting from such practice.


Article 7. Personal Data (To be completed by Bandai)

Collected Data, Recipients and Purposes of the Collected Data :  

The Organizer is a data controller for the organization of each Tournament.

For each Tournament, the Organizer will ask you to fill in mandatory or optional information about you, such as data relating to your civil status (last name, first name, email address, address, postal code, date of birth) and to the video game used in the Tournament (game account, pseudonym, etc). You certify that this information is accurate. This data completes the information contained in your "PlayerTag" account. The mandatory information associated with your "PlayerTag" account information is necessary for the Organizer to manage your participation in the Tournament and to award you any prizes that you may have won by participating in the Competition. Failure to provide this information will result in the failure of your registration for the Competition. Providing incorrect information may result in the cancellation of your registration and, if applicable, disqualification or cancellation of your performance in the Tournament. The information presented as optional allows the Organizer to develop the offer and the website in order to guarantee you a better gaming experience. Some of your data may appear publicly in order to allow the smooth running of the Competition. In particular your pseudonym, your game account, or any other information deemed necessary by the Organizer. The information made public is indicated at the time of your registration for the Competition. You authorize the organizer to publicly disclose information (e.g. game account, pseudonym, details about your level on a game, details associated with your game account, account on a third party communication software) about you if they are necessary for the proper conduct of the Competition. All the data communicated may be transmitted to any competent authorities or other relevant organizations as well as to subcontractors of the Organizer for internal processing on its exclusive behalf.  

You are informed that the Organizer may transmit your personal data to Bandai.

This data may also be :

·        Used to provide information on the current status of the Organizer's and Bandai's Competition;

·        Used for commercial purposes in order to offer you content and advertising from the Organizer and Bandai. This may only be done if you don't object to these communications. This choice is offered to you at all times by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the emails and/or text messages sent to you by the Organizer.

Data Retention :

In order to ensure the best possible user experience, and for safety reasons the data you send us is stored by the Organizers, for the duration of the Competition and until the designation of the winners increased by one year in intermediate archives. Any cookies you might have left during your browsing on our websites and applications are kept for a maximum period of 13 months.

Your rights :

 In accordance with thedata protection legislation , you are informed that you have the right to query, access, correct, delete or data portability of your personal data. You also have the right to object for legitimate reasons to the processing of your data, as well as the right to object to the use of your data being used for commercial prospecting purposes. Finally, you have the right to determine the manner in which you intend to exercise these rights after your death.

Subject to the requirement to justify your identity by any means.

You may exercise your rights by contacting the Organizer and the Manager at the followring address .

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


Article 8. Consultation of the Rules


The Rules and Regulations are available for consultation in their entirety on the following website: [à completer].


The reimbursement of the stamp for the request of the Rules and Regulations of the Competition will be made upon request and production of a BIC, on the basis of the shipping costs in force on the date of the request. It will not be answered to any other oral request concerning the Competition.


Article 9. Connection and participation fees to the Competition


In consideration of the services currently available on the market that allow a completely free Internet connection (this gratuitousness including that of the telecommunication expenses for a sufficient duration of the participation in the Competition), the Organizer notices that no disbursement is needed to participate to the Competition.


Article 10. Intellectual Property and each and every one of its elements (such as logos, trademarks, images, texts, videos, etc.) are protected under intellectual property law. Unless stated otherwise herein, you only have the right to consult the Website for your strictly personal and private use. Any use, reproduction or representation of the Website (in whole or in part) or of the elements that make it up, on any medium whatsoever, for other purposes, in particular for commercial ones, is not authorized. Exceptionally, the holder of the rights may authorize you to reproduce and/or represent all or part of the Website, on certain media. Any request for authorization must first be submitted to us at the following You are legally entitled to make short quotations, analyses and reproductions for press reviews as well as other uses specifically authorised by the law within the limits and conditions set by the latter and subject to, in particular, quoting the name of the authors and the editorial source. 


Unless express authorisation by the owners of the rights given in advance, all reproductions, representations and uses other than those referred to above are prohibited, in particular:


·        Any adaptation, distribution, provided to the public at its request or not, rebroadcasting in any form whatsoever, networking, public communication of all or part of the works, services, brands and all elements protected or likely to be protected by intellectual property law contained on the Website.

·        Any extraction or re-use, including for private purposes, of a substantial part of the content of the databases put together by the Websites ;

·        Any repeated and systematic extraction or reuse, including for private purposes, of even a non-substantial part of the databases put together by the Website;

·        Any link, access, modification, addition, deletion concerning the automated processing system of the online edition and modifying the conditions of publication or the editorial policy.


Any participant who does not comply with the present terms and conditions of this article 8 is liable to civil or criminal prosecution, in particular for infringements of trademark law, copyright, neighbouring rights, the rights of database producers as well as automated data processing systems.


Article 11. Applicable Law

These regulations are subject to French law. In case of a dispute, the French courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


If one or more provisions hereof are declared invalid or declared as such in application of a law or regulation or following a court decision that has become final, the other provisions will remain in force and will continue to be applied.


By registering or otherwise participating in this Competition, each participant hereby expressly waives any right to seek attorneys’ fees in connection with any dispute, claim, or cause of action linked to the Competition and hereby waives all rights to seek, indirect, punitive, incidental and consequential damages, and any other damages.


The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Rules and Regulations shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision. Organizer’s failure to enforce any term of these Rules and Regulations shall not constitute a waiver of such provision.

Article 12. Evidence convention

It is agreed that, except in the case of manifest error, the Organizer may – in particular for evidence of any act, fact or omission – rely upon programs, data, files, records, operations and other elements (such as monitoring reports or other states) in computer or electronic nature, format or media, established, received or retained directly or indirectly by the Organizer, in particular in its information systems.


The participant undertakes not to contest the admissibility, validity or probative force of the elements in computer or electronic nature, format or media aforesaid, on the basis of any statutory provision whatsoever and which would specify that certain documents must be written or signed by the parties in order to constitute evidence.


Thus, the considered elements constitute evidences and, if they are produced as evidence by the Organizer in any litigation or otherwise, they will be admissible, valid and enforceable between the parties in the same manner, under the same conditions and with the same probative force than any document which would be created, received or retained in writing.